Parish Youth Club



Dear Parent/ Guardian,

 I am writing to inform you of an exciting new development within the parish regarding our youth.  In recent weeks a number of local parishioners have been involved in a process of exploration with regard to the creation of a youth club within the Magherafelt Parish. The aim is to establish a youth club where children in key stage 2 can come together and experience a sense of enjoyment through a number of different activities alongside developing new and lasting friendships.  An example of the activities includes sporting activities, drama, arts and crafts, etc.  It is envisaged that any youth club established will be in place by the beginning of the next school year. 

 A number of volunteers have already expressed an interest in becoming involved in the running of the youth club and in the next few weeks they will be undergoing a vetting process in preparation for their roles within the youth club.  If you would like to volunteer please do not hesitate to contact us. 

 As part of the process currently underway we wish to gage the level of support among parents for such a venture.   To this end it would be very much appreciated if you could fill out the reply slip below and return it to school as soon as possible. 


Aidan McGuckin




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