Holy Family Primary School

 Holy Family Primary School officially opened its doors on 1st September 1992. Its inception was the direct result of the amalgamation of the town’s two single gender Catholic primary schools, St. Mary’s Primary School for girls and St. Joseph’s Primary School for boys. The new school was led by Sr Margaret Bradley who had been the Principal of the girls’ school for many years.

A significant addition to the school was the Holy Family Nursery Unit. This was a double unit providing nursery education to 52 children each year. This Unit, which is a stand alone building, opened its doors in September 2000. June 2000 saw the retirement of Sr. Margaret as Principal with Mrs Pauline Devenney being appointed as her successor.

Over the years the school has always adapted to meet the needs of an evolving curriculum right up to the present day as it embraces the Revised Curriculum. In recent years Holy Family Primary School has also had to adapt to meet the needs of an ever changing community. One of the significant changes here has been the increase in the number of children for whom English is an additional language.



At present under the leadership of the present Principal Mr Donnelly, Holy Family Primary School not only caters for some 500 primary school children from within the parish community of Magherafelt, but it provides for approximately 50 children from 12 other countries around the world who are also resident in Magherafelt. We certainly do live in a global village! 




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